Songna Chaiware is a benchmark brand launched by Jingdezhen Xinping Porcelain Industry Development Co., Ltd., and it is also the most powerful sublimation in the field of artistic ceramics. Discuss, combine the characteristics of wood kiln firing, create a "chai kiln art and art wood kiln" to break through traditional thinking, and strive to create a "Songna wood ware" kiln that combines ancient firing and contemporary art. Both the traditional ceramic production process and the pure art form of art have the innovative historical significance of systematic practice and scientific theory.

One kiln nine colors ever-changing characteristics of wood kiln. Make full use of the mutual growth and mutual restraint relationship formed by gold, wood, water, fire and soil, so that the style and color of artistic ceramics can rise to a more perfect state. . Naturally revealing luster, steady hair color, and sudden artistic effect are undoubtedly another future for the art ceramics industry. Art is always innovating with the times. Wisdom, but also the artistic road full of challenges, let the art of wood kilns and the art of wood kilns reverberate all over the country. Thousands of years of kiln fires have created a world-famous porcelain capital, and the benchmark flag of Songna Chaiware will definitely be inserted in artistic ceramics on the highest realm.








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